You set some words on fire
and smothered them with “but”
Then asked me to listen as
the door was being shut
To earnestly feigned excuses
inflected with regret
Avoiding retribution
for promises unkept

Now silence and inaction
seep into the cracks
Kept open by numbed hopes
frozen in their tracks
And break apart the patterns
traced upon a heart
That lingered on far too long
after a false start

Time and heat have changed the beat
and rhythm of this heart
Giving view to something new
arising from the shards
We tiptoe around the scarred ground
waiting for new growth
And dare not handle with bare hands
things we cannot sort

Shame and pride force me to hide
the little things I do
Avoiding words that tell of hurt
and what I can’t undo
One last effort for the record
to try and bridge the gulf
Brings a smile for a little while
but just isn’t enough

Eyes fixed over my right shoulder
leaving little doubt
What wouldn’t bend has reached an end
inside and without
The long held grip can’t help but slip
I willingly give slack
All my trouble turns to rubble
for there’s no turning back

If only I could meet your eye
long enough to show
How much this little meant to me
and all you’ll never know
But it’s the one who cares less
how and why the game is played
Who writes the outcome of the mess
and walks away unscathed


3 thoughts on “listen

    1. Thank you. It was a desperate attempt to maintain some dignity in the face of resentment at powerlessness.


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