One day a spot appeared
Barely noticeable at first
Soon its heat parched my lips
Giving birth to thirst

Tauntingly it glistened
Hovering out of reach
Willingly I followed
To see what it could teach

I tried to take a closer look
To find its driving force
With each step it moved away
Deepening the curse

I laid my traps
One by one
To wake and find
They’d been undone

I devised schemes
Rituals and rites
And set up lures
That would entice

One day it hung
Not quite near
But I lunged
Despite my fear

And landed face down
In the dirt
My numb smile
Concealed the hurt

Yet as I rose
I was stunned to find
Within my grip
My longed for prize

But just one look
And I could tell
All I would hold
would be the shell

It stung my eyes
And pricked my heart
Knowing I’d never
Coax it apart

Growing tired
Of the chase
It finally gave in
But held that which
I truly sought
Steadfastly within


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