playing by the rules

I didn’t have a full scrabble or anything,
yet lots of possibilities to make a darned good high-scoring word.
But the board in front of me
yielded no decent options.
They were all too low-scoring, or two-word legal cheats.
The one or two respectable placements would only open the door to a disparaging loss.
I felt a familiar frustration mounting, that I pushed aside.
It wouldn’t be a game if we could always control the outcome.
Yet losing no matter how good you were, just felt so unfair.
I toyed with the idea of forfeiting,
just not to have to sit through the drawn out end
simply for my friendly opponent’s pleasure.
I couldn’t be that mean.
I added my L-O to the left of a B-E, just under the tripple word score,
forsaking the L-O-V-I-N-G I wanted to place upon the board.


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