unrequited gift

I was chosen as your Cassandra
though the purpose escapes me.
I foretold every word you would speak.
What you would and would not do.
And what would come to be.
I can prove it if you’ll only look.
I wrote it on every wall,
I drew it on every scrap,
though mostly to test my strength
(I found I had none).
I couldn’t even get you to try
to decipher my cryptic messages
kindly left open to interpretation.
I could have been more direct
but you wouldn’t have believed me.
You’d only have rushed in sooner
to prove me wrong,
saving me time and caring
without changing a thing

I was only pulled in
to push the wheels along
until I could find the strength
to step aside.

For you,
I have foreseen many more
horrors and troubles ahead
and some victories too.
But I won’t play part any more
(because secretly I fear
I may have conjured it all
with words).
All I wish is you would have seen me
long enough to ask.


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