One day a spot appeared
Barely noticeable at first
Its heat parched my lips
Giving birth to thirst

Tauntingly it glistened
Hovering out of reach
Willingly I followed
To see what it could teach

I tried to take a closer look
To find its driving force
With each step it moved away
Deepening the curse

I laid my traps
One by one
To wake and find
They’d been undone

I devised schemes
Rituals and rites
And set up lures
That would entice

One day it hung
Not quite near
But I lunged
Despite my fear

And landed face down
In the dirt
My numb smile
Concealed the hurt

Yet as I rose
I was stunned to find
Within my grip
My longed for prize

But just one look
And I could tell
All I would hold
would be the shell

It stung my eyes
And pricked my heart
Knowing I’d…

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