the change

do you remember when
we couldn’t meet each other’s gaze
without our insides being revealed
when a quick look would bring a flush
to flood our ears with more blood
than any bellowed avowal

do you recall
how the faintest gestures
turned the winds warm around us
and the slightest innuendos
to garish overstatements
of what was wordlessly declared

while the world passed around us
like so many ghosts
the space between us burned
luring us to the embers
and covering us in ashes

and now, we can’t so much as glance
in each other’s direction
without first shuttering our eyes
behind indignant politesse
we let others exaggerate for us
and tell what tale they will

now, there’s never
enough air in the room
if we stand in it together
And we, the ghosts that spread a chill
numbing any tongues that dare wag
or question the change


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