the accident

You were swaggering through the aisle
already making us nervous
when it caught your eye

You didn’t let on
but talked instead
of your comparable acquisitions

It was just an accident
a stupid, senseless consequence
of abruptly reaching out
for what grabbed your attention
There was something almost endearing
in your thoughtlessness

How could you have known
it was so precariously balanced
that at the slightest touch
it would tumble
shattering on the ground

But that you could act put upon
at having to explain
and yet entitled enough
to pick up another one
as carelessly as the first

That you could so easily
sweep aside the debris
(with your foot no less)
shrugging a sorry as you backed away
redirecting your surfacing disdain
towards the door that wouldn’t swing open
to let you through

Could all be chalked up to unease
or some sense of accusation

But when you were offered a voucher,
a conciliation for your discomfort

That you could barely utter
a snide thanks
nor run out fast enough
to toss it in the trash
in full view
Left us baffled as to why
you came in here at all


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