when love fails


Now I know what people do
Every day to get through

They read the news
They clean their homes
They listen to others
And smile with concern

They worry about dogs
Lost or unloved
They write long lists
Of what’s left to be done

They count their blessings
And choose what to wear
They rewrite their lists
And then cut their hair

But I know that’s not all

They turn from thoughts
Of what ought or ought not
And what doesn’t fit
They discard, left to rot

They crumple their dreams
Into tight little wads
Then shove them in drawers
And pretend they forgot

They swallow back wishes
They know won’t bear fruit
And stare ahead blankly
Till it’s their turn to move

Standing though gutted
Their hearts caving in
Truth stuck in their throats
Twists their smiles into grins

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