I’m trying to find out
just what it is you do
to make me keep wanting
a reaction from you
So I give you a pebble
from a far away place
to keep in your pocket
or put on display
You look at me strangely
I’m trying to make sense
of what could be a smile
If it weren’t so intense
I look in your eyes
only to realize
I couldn’t write ten lines
with what I know about you
I know nothing of you

Now I’m all out of bait
and my lines are all tangled
I don’t like you
that much from this angle
so I’m turning the handle
to reel you in
just to feel you again
just to feel you again

But you’re wriggling away
I must have made a mistake
in judgement or timing
now I’ve fallen behind
If I could only stop time
like a run in a stocking
perhaps there’d reason
to go on talking to you
to go on talking to you

So I cut off my hair
and swear to change
my pointless games
but I fear the range
of my options narrowing in
your patience’s wearing thin
So then next time I’m talking
just keep on walking
instead of blushing or balking
at the stupid things I say
the stupid things I say

It’s just my way
to ease the tension
or set loose those intentions
we’ve agreed not to mention
though we’ll take all chances
to do it all again
we’ll do it all again


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