I’ve been through some troubles
And I must confess
I don’t think I like
Being caught in this mess
You think it’s exciting
You think it’s fun
But something inside me
Is coming undone

You smile and say something
That I can’t hear
So I smile dumbly
And I feel my ears
Drumming red
At the thoughts in my head
Of things we did
And what wasn’t said

I stare at your shirt
There’s a faded print
I make out some words
That read this is it
You notice me staring
And ask what I’m thinking
Just to be daring
I say without blinking
That nothing would look
So much better on you

You smile as you’re leaving
I wave back at you
Was that an invitation
Or just something you do
When you’re done talking
And awaiting my move

I lose my balance
As my bicycle swerves
I forget my resolve
Not to let you unnerve me
Until you have deserved me
Or done something worse
Than proving your worth
By sitting ’til the end of
This ill tempo-ed verse


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