sorry darling

Not now darling
I can’t come out to play
Today I’m feeling the weight of my age
And were we to engage
I’d crush you

I’m sorry darling
I can’t listen to your pleas
Today I hear the strains of my age
And anything you’d say
Would barely make blip on the range
Of melodies I need
for my body to sway

It’s no use darling
I cannot taste you
Today I feel the bitterness of my age
And the bile you’d make rise
I’d spit on you for spite

So sorry darling
I can’t see things your way
Today I’m seeing through the distance of my age
And though you’ve been an oasis
You’re now just a spec
on the landscape

Ever sorry darling
For I can’t even glance your way
Today I perceive through the lens of my age
Your tinsel smile is too bright for my eyes
Seeking to draw a defining line


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