quick quizz

Answer me this
So I’ll know who you are
Which of these things
Have you done so far

Have you licked snowflakes
Or counted the stars
Did you reach for them high
Or just gaze from afar

Have you tasted disdain
On the lips that you kissed
That gave only enough
So you felt what you missed

Have you loved till it hurt
Till it tore at your heart
Did you stitch it with time
Could you show me the scar

Have you waited past hope
In the cold and rain
Just on the chance
That some may remain

Have you felt the injustice
Delivered by fate
Of getting your wish
Only when it’s too late

Has suppressed rage
Etched it’s way into lines
On a template face
That’s replaced your true smile

Have you done all this
And tallied the score
Only to feel
less alive than before

If the answer is yes
Well, then, welcome aboard


your thoughts?

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