Come here, Love
We need to talk
My sight dimmed with years
is no longer dazzled
by your enchanting promises

We got on
well enough for a while
You spurred me to commit
to people and deeds
for someone so alone

But I’ve whetted my vision
on stone faced reality
And I now see you
for what you are
And what we have achieved

You used me
for your cause and purpose
Squeezed me
for all I could give
Yet the seeds
have sprung to life
and grow in spite
of our shortcomings

Now that you’re done with me
you’re settling into a construct
that needs more scaffolding
than I can build
with will and imagination alone
I’m tired of propping up
your faltering altar
and feeding the illusions
you thrive on
to keep me devoted
to a purpose
that has been served
Seems you’re tired too
of feeding my hunger
for more than you can give
with small insignificant
black and white choices
on every side
to bide the time
in a game that will unfold
with or without me

So let’s stop right here
and part as friends
Though we were never
more than king and pawn


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