pop drop

No reason left to look left anymore
But I’ll pretend that it’s alright
No need to look past to your door
As I head out for the night

You said less would leave room for more
With so much left undone
You said wait now, it won’t be long
But I’m sitting here alone

A piece of my sky
has been torn
Away from view
And all is forlorn
I could sit here and mope
But I’ve still got hope
Though I know it won’t last long

Nothing was right
But now everything’s wrong
And I can’t find a song that fits
All it took was tick in a box
To put an end to it

We left no doubts
And no memories to
We cleared all the lies
That had piled so high
And let the words rush out

I used to look back and all around
To catch a glimpse of you
Now I look only straight ahead
With no one to block my view

They say with the right person
at your side
Everything will work out fine
When that person is all wrong
Nothing ever will seem right


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