rant from the underground

I’ve lived now long enough to see
Every one of my joys explained
Fade into a history of pain
I refrain from reliving
Mine was a time
When sound lost form
And could only be heard
with an ear to the ground
Thundering and rumbling
To the tremors of our hearts
That knew there really never would come a better day
Or another way accepted
We’re sold low-cal nostalgia
sapped of any sweetness
The best has been reaped and steeped
and we are left to feed upon the remains of hey days
Leaning on rusted icons
Suckling on bitter irony
And fighting for a piece
instead of peace
which never lined anyone’s pockets like war
Some of us hide from the fray
We’ve learned to stay underground,
under the radar
finding sustenance in tail ends,
solace in token amends
But their seismic lines find us, unearth, and bind us
with loans and brands
Buy us with crumbs
and set us to wiring and rigging,
tapping and funeling all sources
into their bottom lines
for generations to come
What they cannot exploit they let run off to poison the hopes once preached in irridescent paisleys
the ones they now ridicule
and bar from view.

We are the sons and daughters
of those who thrived
only because there were enough leftovers
But their greed
has unprecedented longevity,
and we must
respectfully wait our turn.
We will be the last in line.
And the first to suffer
the diminishing returns
of selfish dreams


One thought on “rant from the underground

  1. Wow, ‘May’ — that’s quite something. I didn’t know you wrote poetry, I guess I haven’t checked out enough of your blog. Now I’m a-gonna…thanks for sharing this on my blog too. It’s a winner. Bill


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