I will go on

I will go and I will sit
and I will sit and stare
and I will launch and click
and find nothing there
I will turn to work
and launch and click
and type words and click
I will forget for a bit
that there is nothing there
that there will be
nothing there tomorrow
or the day after
and what is left
I’ll watch go by
people, pains, laughs and loves
rusted things that once shone
even those will soon be gone
and still you won’t be there
and I will sit and glare
at the sky daring it
no, with tears in my eyes,
begging it to come down
and crush time into the dirt

I will look
for some place to hide
what I’ve been
and will never again be
good or bad, each past,
will in its way only hurt
but the future is flat and bare
and I’ve run out sand and clay
to transform the terrain
into something worth
trudging through
without chance
of finding you


your thoughts?

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