it’s alright and I’m okay

It’s alright and I’m okay
I’m working through another day
Papers shuffle
Coffee flows
To look at me
No one would know
How heavy an empty heart is to tow
I double check clocks
And dates coloured in blocks
Still time and space
Confound me

I sit staring far
and unseeing
imaging the sky
a blanket we roll under
by the serated peaks
that rip up the horizon

It’s alright and I’m okay
I’ve made it through another day
Wishing I could left swipe away
This this turbid tide
Of sludge and shame
Though truth be told
I just watched it roll in
Never bold enough
To grab hold
And throw away
What will not keep
And put regrets down to sleep
Fearing when I meet my dreams
All will be plain as it seems
Devoid of any change



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