There are things
I’d like to say
Still more
I’d like to hear
But your silence slices
out my tongue
And boxes up my ears

what your back looks like
More clearly
than your smile
I swallow mouthfuls.
of regret
And spit out a goodbye



Where wonder reigned
habit remains
and memory’s stained
with melodic refrains
dissolved to static
attractions now
only distractions
unworthy of abstraction
and words just
stochastic noise

Still, I stand poised
against a slow demise
holding out for a surprise

this stage

I stare at this stage
as if I can summon you
with the blink of the cursor
entice you
with the blankness of the page
to let you dance

without lines
or rules
yet you recede
just at the thought

wish list


If I could spend the day
doing as I wished
I’d spend it writing
A sonnet for your neck
An ode to your ass
A limerick for your grin
A melody to fill the air with your scent
A rhythm to match your groans
And an epitaph for my heart

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bright side of darkness

It’s a mystery to me
Like the dark side of the moon
How you never lied
Yet always were untrue

And if you ever think of me
I hope that it will be
As the one who coaxed open your heart
And combed the tangled lies apart
Spinning words to let you see
Beauty in your dishonesty

it’s OK and I’m alright

It’s OK and I’m alright
I made it through another night
Tears fell like rain
Fears rolled like thunder
I sought thoughts to grasp
And pull me out from under
The ruins and rubble
Of pillows and sheets
That started out neat
But conspired in the night
to choke me

I lie in the dark
Imagining time
Is a balloon I can squeeze
To bring the past next to now
and touch you again

But it’s OK and I’m alright
It’s just another stormy night
I’ll rock my body
Into the day
And you will never hear me say
How I did my best
Yet still failed
Every test
Like a schoolgirl well-versed
in the virtue of rehearsal
Believing that fate
would take care of the rest


My dear little oil spill
you were such a surprise
Though they warned me
you were nothing
but dirt in disguise
I played with your colours
swirling in the rain
dismissing the stain
that would remain
fixed in this place
That everyday
I’d pass this way
to feel betrayed
and dismayed
by all that fades
over and over again

prompt – shine

wanting for words

I don’t mean to whine
I don’t want to complain
but please send me a line
no matter how plain
to weave into rhymes
Or just some words
however absurd
They need not be kind
or witty or deep
I can fill in the blanks
as I drift off to sleep
and wake with the hope
of something to savour
to add some flavour
No matter how sour
or devoid of power
I’ll twirl them for hours
and make something to keep
the emptiness at bay
that rose up the day
you went away

for nought

I gave you the sun,
the moon and the stars
A planet or two for good measure
I hid uncomfortable
truths that would hurt
painted banalities
as wonderous treasure
I hoarded your secrets
and tallied your lies
forgave the indifference
your indulgence  belied
And when you asked
to be judged for your crimes
I cushioned the blow
with poetic lines

You took it all
with a smile so unfazed
offering closure
with contrite polite praise
for all my words
that though cutting and deep
would never be cause
for an uneasy sleep

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