a truth

you ask for my thoughts
always dreaming of escape
I lie in reply


so long

it’s been so long
since I’ve heard
anything new
of your days
or your dreams
or the nights
in between
so though it hurts
I must conclude
I don’t know you

forgive me

forgive me
sometimes despite
all the history
the statistics
the infinitesimally
small probability
the stark reality
and all my efforts to supress it
hope flashes irrationally
painfully mockingly
long enough
to make a fool of me

daily post prompt : deny


I wish we’d met travelling
snowed in in some airport
on a long train ride
or any other place
confined by space and time

We’d exchange short narratives
of defining moments
tastes, occupations,
demographics, worst jokes
a plan or two

We’d grow tired of talking
check notifications
send some excuses
but mostly just sit together
and pass the time

We’d forget our facades
as fatigue set in
scratch, pick
yawn uncovered
exchange successes
and failures
past or foreseen
expecting nothing
revealing everything
in spite of ourselves

After which we’d never look back

Instead of years
that could fit in a day
of crossing paths
with little to say
time stretching each moment
decidedly prepared
always falling short
of desires curbed and saved
for a day that never came


Little windows framing lives
endless boxes piled sky high
Rosey hopes wilt
to dusty pink
etched with rusted
forlorn dreams
The sidewalk teeming
with discarded traces

of love displaced
for a quick fix
parked in the dark corners
of feigned smiles
that barely beguile
enough coins
for cab ride home

farm tales

The well’s depth
was a mere twenty rungs
revealed by a drought
that cared little for coins

The rabbit was strung and skinned
its secrets gutted and strewn on the ground
before it could get the chance
to beckon me down the hole
But its tongue
was close enough to candy
Who could believe in the luck

of the foot that didn’t get away

Double yolks,
a pod of perfect peas
a tomato bloodier
than its skin
a slice of melon
without seeds
gave more wonder
than any handful
of shriveled beans

little things

I don’t like you tonight
It may be the stars
Or the ceiling light
that’s too bright
Or my skin that’s too thin
and drawn dry and tight
But your very breath
sticks my hair on end
And my empathy won’t extend
round the bend of the bathroom door
past the socks on the floor
and the bills ignored
and all I cannot mend
as quickly as I defend lost causes
to fill up pauses
that may reveal
more emptiness
than intended

that lie that binds

I know what you did.
I know that unspoken line,
that you lovingly wove
and crossed and wound around me
to bind me forever to you.
We never speak of it
though it screams at us
from the corner of our hearts.
Yet all you ever wanted
is for me to stay
without bond or reason,
if not in spite of them.
It’s all I ever wanted too.
Never saw two people
willing the same thing
so strongly, yet unable
to conjure enough magic
to make it so.

mindfulness (I’m trying)

I worry
About the car that didn’t fit
And is parked in the no parking zone
(Ticket me but please don’t tow)
That article is due tomorrow
The application for a job I can’t take
is due two days later
One hundred and three corrections the week after
With a day long course to prepare
What can I make for supper
Sunday’s laundry still in the machine
A husband waiting to be loved
Latch onto a verb and follow her words
Damn you
Five years of work being explained
So why not at least align those graphics to the left?

Her nervous tick is showing
I smile (no, not at you, creepy guy)
Perhaps she’ll pick up on my support
I’m drawn by the colours of the banners behind her
Reflecting off her face
Purple on the left
Orange on the right
Her dark grey dress
And pale grey tired face
Keep the clash at bay
I exhale
There’s nothing I can do about any of it now.

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