swept clean

leaves on pavement
shrivelled and drying
stark only in contrast
to the grey where they lie
while traffic and footsteps
run over and by

tomorrow the rain
will wash the stains
and any distracting
colours remaining
and stares will be dull
and blank again
as my thoughts
without wishes of you


awake again

you’re the ghost that keeps bringing
to each day a new misgiving
to wake me with fists and teeth clenched tight as my chest
to relearn to release the regret
of having done my best to
put conviction to the test
and lay dignity to rest
as I plainly confessed
all you had long ago guessed
and used for your paltry gains
already swept in the pile of remains
to be forgotten

having failed to impress
I continue to protest
while I still have words to attest
that I got so much more than you gave

still days expand
like rubber bands
only to snap my
expectations back
as they draw to a dead rose end
closing me in with my dread
of another night ahead
streaming dreams of change
only to wake with my heart
picked apart and disarmed
yet again


you blew cool blue
and I flared red
together we flowed violet
then bruised umber clumped
brown and green as the scene
revealed behind my eyes
shut tight to the truth
seeping through
to my dreams
to run me down from tenuous heights
into muddy grounds with one round
of shots silent and swift
as the flapping of wings on a hunt passing on easy prey
best left for a hungrier day

daily post prompt: enamored

another summer night

I would drink tonight
but I don’t want to ignite feelings
that can’t find air to flare
trees shelter the stars
from wishes I would fire
at them accusingly

there was another night like this
where the music filtered through trees lined like a cage around me
and I overcame apathy and swam through the summer heat
to find something to move me

I got there in time
to hear songs and be reminded
that I once used to love
enough to dance
the musicians encore
joined my lament
with halfhearted strums
and we all sang
of the time that was
cursing it all for having fooled us
into thinking it could ever
be enough

though I know better
the body still responds
to the music pulsing expectation
driving will from gut to limbs
how can Monday compete
when even nostalgia needs
a shot off stage to shine

just once

you said what we say
when something’s too hard to resist
life is too short
not to bend this one time
and enjoy what it has to give

I wanted to say
but bit my tongue
what I also knew to be true
that life after this
would be too long and wasted
spent wanting far more of you


I want a world
where wishing hard matters
where winter
is shorter than spring
and thinking of someone
is surely a sign
that they are thinking
of you

interpreting silence

it is because I know
what you have done
and what more
you are capable of
that I now know
there is no excuse
possible or plausible
other than that
nothing is what
you want most
from me

you and words

life goes on just like before
contracts signed and others torn
though I rarely read a single line
like I did between yours
just to find I would be
the only one bound
to no gains
and expected to refrain
from expectations

I have no reasons only rhymes
to excuse the time I wasted
offering views to the blind
I preferred the words
and how they swirled
in my eyes and mouth
so much more than you

but without you they scatter
I’m adrift amidst a mist
of letters that refuse
to gather into clouds
and rain a relief
I can turn into words
to drown my fear
that you have all
I wish I did not need

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