kind of

perhaps my vanity explains
why I won’t refrain
from acts that I disdain
partaking just to say
yes, I’m alive today

drawing quirky pictures
painting pointed words
padding expectations
framing the absurd
to make you smile
to make you wince
to try some new way
to only convince you
yes, I’m alive today

oh how I spend my days
all these things I do and say
just to keep the grey at bay
and remember that though
all my colours fade
Hey! I am alive today


it’s alright and I’m okay

It’s alright and I’m okay
I’m working through another day
Papers shuffle
Coffee flows
To look at me
No one would know
How heavy an empty heart is to tow
I double check clocks
And dates coloured in blocks
Still time and space
Confound me

I sit staring far
and unseeing
imaging the sky
a blanket we roll under
by the serated peaks
that rip up the horizon

It’s alright and I’m okay
I’ve made it through another day
Wishing I could left swipe away
This this turbid tide
Of sludge and shame
Though truth be told
I just watched it roll in
Never bold enough
To grab hold
And throw away
What will not keep
And put regrets down to sleep
Fearing when I meet my dreams
All will be plain as it seems
Devoid of any change


wish list


If I could spend the day
doing as I wished
I’d spend it writing
A sonnet for your neck
An ode to your ass
A limerick for your grin
A melody to fill the air with your scent
A rhythm to match your groans
And an epitaph for my heart

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pop drop

No reason left to look left anymore
But I’ll pretend that it’s alright
No need to look past to your door
As I head out for the night

You said less would leave room for more
With so much left undone
You said wait now, it won’t be long
But I’m sitting here alone

A piece of my sky
has been torn
Away from view
And all is forlorn
I could sit here and mope
But I’ve still got hope
Though I know it won’t last long

Nothing was right
But now everything’s wrong
And I can’t find a song that fits
All it took was tick in a box
To put an end to it

We left no doubts
And no memories to
We cleared all the lies
That had piled so high
And let the words rush out

I used to look back and all around
To catch a glimpse of you
Now I look only straight ahead
With no one to block my view

They say with the right person
at your side
Everything will work out fine
When that person is all wrong
Nothing ever will seem right



I keep throwing things in the air
hoping they’ll take flight
but they plummet
to the ground
And round and round I go again
scraping up against the grain
And I am, as I remain, alone
Watching people come and go
as if my presence can overthrow
a history of gravity
mired in depravity

The music strains
its way to ears
filled with chatter
Your smile, your smile
is all that matters
though it now belies
nothing more
than goodbye
when it shines
my way

But it’s getting cold
and I’m too old
to be bold enough to explode
onto the scene

The musicians take the stage
and their guitars wage
war on my raging
to the drums’ clatter
Your smile, your smile
is all that matters
though it now belies
nothing more
than goodbye
when it shines
my way

What wouldn’t I forgive
for a chance to relive

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do something

I can’t hear what you’re saying
If you won’t open your mouth
And I won’t keep bending backwards
To see what you’re about
So if I mistook a tear
for a twinkle in your eye
It’s ’cause I can’t see clearly
In this fog of silent lies

I’ve seen some tomorrows
And it’s time to act
I can’t sit here waiting
For you to react
Nor give you time
To retract
And turn those confessions
Into contentions
That stall all intentions
To clear any path

So tell me all is possible
And take me for a ride
I’ll feed you all the garbage
I hide within these lines
Ask of me the impossible
And I won’t ask a thing
Though I will always hunger
For more than you can give


I’ve been through some troubles
And I must confess
I don’t think I like
Being caught in this mess
You think it’s exciting
You think it’s fun
But something inside me
Is coming undone

You smile and say something
That I can’t hear
So I smile dumbly
And I feel my ears
Drumming red
At the thoughts in my head
Of things we did
And what wasn’t said

I stare at your shirt
There’s a faded print
I make out some words
That read this is it
You notice me staring
And ask what I’m thinking
Just to be daring
I say without blinking
That nothing would look
So much better on you

You smile as you’re leaving
I wave back at you
Was that an invitation
Or just something you do
When you’re done talking
And awaiting my move

I lose my balance
As my bicycle swerves
I forget my resolve
Not to let you unnerve me
Until you have deserved me
Or done something worse
Than proving your worth
By sitting ’til the end of
This ill tempo-ed verse

lame country song

Don’t wanna be a part 
of your country song life
Couldn’t care less
about your troubles or your wife
Don’t want to be mean
or sound unkind
but I’m tired of waiting
for the right time
All I really want is
an amusement park ride

Don’t wanna hear how
your papa was a drunk
Or how your mama’s wasting
in a medicated funk
Don’t wanna know work is lousy
and homelife a bore
How you smoke to dull feelings
You just can’t ignore

I won’t take a ticket
and I won’t wait in line
I won’t pretend to care
if you’re really doing fine
All I wanna know
is if you’ve got the time
To join me on that ageless
amusement park ride


I’m going to write of what will be
When one and one will equal three
And you’ll be hanging on the line
Between what’s true and what’s denied

You’ll blankly stare at pictures made
Of choices forced to cover shame
In smoke filled rooms of solitude
You’ll long for oneness made of two

You’ll gather dreams into a pyre
And seek a match to light the fire
You’ll find me with my hand stretched out
Each match you light I will snuff out

A thousand times over if need be
Until the day you come to me
Without want, or need or goal
To sit beside the truth I hold

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