so long

it’s been so long
since I’ve heard
anything new
of your days
or your dreams
or the nights
in between
so though it hurts
I must conclude
I don’t know you


swept clean

leaves on pavement
shrivelled and drying
stark only in contrast
to the grey where they lie
while traffic and footsteps
run over and by

tomorrow the rain
will wash the stains
and any distracting
colours remaining
and stares will be dull
and blank again
as my thoughts
without wishes of you


you blew cool blue
and I flared red
together we flowed violet
then bruised umber clumped
brown and green as the scene
revealed behind my eyes
shut tight to the truth
seeping through
to my dreams
to run me down from tenuous heights
into muddy grounds with one round
of shots silent and swift
as the flapping of wings on a hunt passing on easy prey
best left for a hungrier day

daily post prompt: enamored


the first time I blushed
the second I blistered
the third left me scorched
as I turned to coal
burning long and ardent
leaving shapely ashes

though I may look
only discoloured
now the tiniest gesture
threatens to blow me away

skin to skin

Let us lie
skin to skin
and abide
’till colours and lines
blur with time
and all it has taken back from us
‘Till we find
solace in grey
at the end of the day
and shun the brighter rays
that blanch us from its horizons

Let’s not talk of things
we cannot change
Of all those mistakes
we should have made
while we still believed
we could rise with the tide
and find higher ground

Let our artifacts gather around
and life’s lessons tie us down
Let the dust pile on high
while we lie
skin to skin
breathing out
breathing in
Breathing out
our love’s
last sigh


You changed me
Your smile
infected my face
Your tears drowned out
my petty concerns
Your hunger
sent me searching
for sustenance to nourish
our bodies and souls

You changed me
You replaced I
Need replaced want
Alone disappeared
and would never again
return my calls
but would show up unexpected
when I needed together
or someone else

And time became the blob on the river
Bobbing past before I could figure out what the water carried
Leaving me to guess and wonder what I may have missed
While knowing it could never be better than this



and I
we behold
a small secret
we giggle and blush
and hide and wait all hushed
days of reckoning to come
when lying breathlessly we’ll lie
denying meaning in our acts
retracting all our intents
covering the scratches
they left on our hearts
caged behind bars
of teeth clenched
in dead

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the change


do you remember when
we couldn’t meet each other’s gaze
without our insides being revealed
when a quick look would bring a flush
to flood our ears with more blood
than any bellowed avowal

do you recall
how the faintest gestures
turned the winds warm around us
and the slightest innuendos
to garish overstatements
of what was wordlessly declared

while the world passed around us
like so many ghosts
the space between us burned
luring us to the embers
and covering us in ashes

and now, we can’t so much as glance
in each other’s direction
without first shuttering our eyes
behind indignant politesse
we let others exaggerate for us
and tell what tale they will

now, there’s never
enough air in the room
if we stand in it together
And we, the ghosts that spread a chill
numbing any tongues that dare wag
or question the change

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I wish I never see you again

That I never again see those worn out shoes and overstepped soles

Nor those pants hanging limply from your ass begrudging your budding potbelly

Nor that tight t-shirt with the print too faded to cue memory stretched over your back slouching for some slack

I never again want to see those hands with nails bitten back to atonement

Nor those ears stretching up to bear that nose that beaks when you grin

Even less the shine of your scalp freshly-shaved from your latest absolving ablutions

But mostly, I wish I never again look into
those caked-mud eyes
that only pretend to see

(but my wishes never come true)

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