here I am

garbage from
your dumpster
finding less
each day
feeding off scraps
of moments
for so long now
I’m thinning
in substance
and resolve
It must be why
you barely notice me



within the confines
of appointed roles
we found space
for a momentary universe
where all that mattered was being
in each other’s presence
and the certainty
that our smiles and laughter
were sincere

I’m trying hard
not to make much of it
but enough to bask in it
(suppressing insidious simmering explanations and expectations)
because while not exceptional
it is rare
and today I will choose to be elated
rather than saddened by this
I now know this is as good as it gets


Little windows framing lives
endless boxes piled sky high
Rosey hopes wilt
to dusty pink
etched with rusted
forlorn dreams
The sidewalk teeming
with discarded traces

of love displaced
for a quick fix
parked in the dark corners
of feigned smiles
that barely beguile
enough coins
for cab ride home

farm tales

The well’s depth
was a mere twenty rungs
revealed by a drought
that cared little for coins

The rabbit was strung and skinned
its secrets gutted and strewn on the ground
before it could get the chance
to beckon me down the hole
But its tongue
was close enough to candy
Who could believe in the luck

of the foot that didn’t get away

Double yolks,
a pod of perfect peas
a tomato bloodier
than its skin
a slice of melon
without seeds
gave more wonder
than any handful
of shriveled beans



By the river’s edge we sat
something of worth
would float
within easy reach

Our words crossed the bridge above
in opposite directions
Our gaze never trespassed
the crease in the newspaper
spread beneath us
Not even as we measured
the time remaining
in the receding rings
of that cigarette
we shared

I conjured images
of wisdom and wonder
out of the smoke
To shield us
from the banality
of our intentions
But you were already resigned

You said
Fall was beautiful
Even though
It only led
To winter
I finished

Unbelieving, we watched
a chunk of ice
the size of our mutual deception
bobbing past
Leaving a convincing chill in its wake

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I keep throwing things in the air
hoping they’ll take flight
but they plummet
to the ground
And round and round I go again
scraping up against the grain
And I am, as I remain, alone
Watching people come and go
as if my presence can overthrow
a history of gravity
mired in depravity

The music strains
its way to ears
filled with chatter
Your smile, your smile
is all that matters
though it now belies
nothing more
than goodbye
when it shines
my way

But it’s getting cold
and I’m too old
to be bold enough to explode
onto the scene

The musicians take the stage
and their guitars wage
war on my raging
to the drums’ clatter
Your smile, your smile
is all that matters
though it now belies
nothing more
than goodbye
when it shines
my way

What wouldn’t I forgive
for a chance to relive

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poor timing 

I step in too close
and feel my nose crush
against the revolving doors
I was never much good
at double Dutch
or skipping rope
nor holding out
against all hope
My coffee has spilt
over me like guilt
and leaves a stain
on what remains of my dignity
as I fumble to efface
the disgrace of once again
being out of line
and out of time

rock bottom

In that building lot
where we waited
under the scaffolds
for the rain to ease
I was shuffling
rocks into a pile
and you were kicking
them around

we were
each other’s
rock bottom
we laughed

drawn there
by the same force

but you
were looking
to climb up
beyond its reach
and I,
to go
in search of
its source


So much has happened
In the time it took
To find the words
So much I could now be doing instead
The dishes sit stinking
The laundry mouldering
The people queuing have gone on their way
Ideas are fading
Love has given up
Paths have turned to ruts
And still I sit here
trying to find the words
that will give enough substance
to a moment I may have only imagined
so that it may tie me to this life.

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