what of it

and what of
all the talks
we don’t have
because this
is not the movies
and astrology
gives no guarantees
and saying
what we both know
won’t change a thing
and then there’s just words
littering the space between
so we can’t even look
at each other
without disappointment
so we avoid contact
smile, joke, seethe
and cry resentment
into dark humour
poured back in shots
of snide comments
until hate settles
to the bottom
of our guts 

let us sit
swollen with words
stomachs full
of hopes mispelled
seeping in,
running through
our veins
flooding our dreams
as we wait for the day
we can calmly expel
their decay  


back seat

I wanted to create
but I cleaned and arranged
and sat and listened instead
It’s less important
than others’ needs
when all is but in my head
Their words rang loud
and clear as signs
of a rail crossing up ahead
And what could I say
that could count in the swell
of a train speeding on its way
I’m a humbler fumbler
still trailing in the smoke left behind
An outlying liar sitting silent
lest I not count for much in the end
I’ve tried to sing and speak words
and spur others to take a chance
Leave what’s best for what’s true
─║eave what’s safe for what’s right
but I convinced no one


A harmless thrill
soon overspilled
The stain we hide
and secretly reframe
calling it found art
Still we are compelled
every so often to hover
and read its shape
for omens or meaning
But it only foretells
how time and use
will meld it into the fabric
of the stories we will weave
to cover it
And no one will know
how it shaped them
And how it changed us

crossing past

This river runs as always
Low and dirty as my mind
What won’t flow with it
Gathers behind
Trapping debris
Into piles of a past
Determined to outlast
Its purpose

Once words flowed like tears
Carving rivers of expectations
To carry us beyond intent
Scraping against that rocky bottom
Without feeling the sting

My thoughts wade back
Through the sludge
Looking for shards that shine
Enough worth keeping
Or cut enough
To make me move on

Now beneath there is silence
Only creaks are in my bones
There is nothing to distract me
From knowing I’m alone


This river now runs
Low and dirty as my mind
What won’t flow with it
Gathers behind
Trapping debris
Into piles of a past
Determined to outlast
Its purpose
My thoughts wade back
Through the sludge
Dredging up shards that shine
Enough worth keeping
Or cut deep enough
To make me move on

bright side of darkness

It’s a mystery to me
Like the dark side of the moon
How you never lied
Yet always were untrue

And if you ever think of me
I hope that it will be
As the one who coaxed open your heart
And combed the tangled lies apart
Spinning words to let you see
Beauty in your dishonesty

it’s OK and I’m alright

It’s OK and I’m alright
I made it through another night
Tears fell like rain
Fears rolled like thunder
I sought thoughts to grasp
And pull me out from under
The ruins and rubble
Of pillows and sheets
That started out neat
But conspired in the night
to choke me

I lie in the dark
Imagining time
Is a balloon I can squeeze
To bring the past next to now
and touch you again

But it’s OK and I’m alright
It’s just another stormy night
I’ll rock my body
Into the day
And you will never hear me say
How I did my best
Yet still failed
Every test
Like a schoolgirl well-versed
in the virtue of rehearsal
Believing that fate
would take care of the rest

skin to skin

Let us lie
skin to skin
and abide
’till colours and lines
blur with time
and all it has taken back from us
‘Till we find
solace in grey
at the end of the day
and shun the brighter rays
that blanch us from its horizons

Let’s not talk of things
we cannot change
Of all those mistakes
we should have made
while we still believed
we could rise with the tide
and find higher ground

Let our artifacts gather around
and life’s lessons tie us down
Let the dust pile on high
while we lie
skin to skin
breathing out
breathing in
Breathing out
our love’s
last sigh

the hardest act

if you must act
and let the play go on
beyond your view

sometimes the best
you can give
is nothing

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