They say I’m cold
but I’m just old
not easily moved
by beats oversold
I bide my time
and hold out to find
the rhythm to make me
shake and unwind
to a place and time
where nothing matters

Rats scurry by
the idle chatter
of plans laid in the dark
only to shatter
when the morning comes

But I’m the keeper of secrets
the stasher of lies
I hold them neatly folded
pressed tight to my side

Though they be small
their weight is immense
they pull on my skin
and on my bones
until I hone my senses
enough to remember
only bets against the odds
count as a win

Though I thought
my heart would splinter
seems I’ve made it
through winter
still I’m only tinkering
with the thought
of letting go

So I place my chips
on red again
though everything is black
and nothing seems
even to hint
of colours coming back


sweet n sour

Last night I dreamt
you asked me to hold you
and I ardently tried my best
You lay so still as if fulfilled
had I but been someone else


this cusp belies
of winter’s end
though I know
it won’t bring spring
I should learn to enjoy
the warm itch of wool
than wane yearning
for the touch of your skin

so much less

They say that the total

is worth more than its parts
you proved them to be wrong
your lips were worth more
than the kiss they formed
your tongue worth more than its words
your shoulders’ curves more
than the pride they held high
your smile more
than the thoughts it belied
the lines of your torso
and shape of your spine
longer than the lengths
to which they would go
to prove that the heart
that beat so loud and strong
wasn’t just for show

background noise

I stare at your photo
but cannot discern
its want or intention
So all I trust
is that empty space
at which I stare
beyond disbelieving
at all that’s not there
to make out what is

If you must know
I’m a little bit slow
and reluctant to admit
I purposefully sit
with this view bestowed
to see what it hides
in the glow of the space
you’ll never fill

People pass
places remain
and empty spaces
won’t explain
why it is you went away
they only howl
that you’re not there
and never were

all you were

So few details
starkly told
with a prose so bold
I thought you were trying to be opaque
denying some truth
you feared more than the ache
to be with me
I rubbed my eyes
hard and dry
to see past imagined
silent lies
But my vision was fine
there was nothing to hide

That was all you were


If only I could make words ring
To incite you to sing out loud
Instead of sounding so grim
Always skimming around the rim
of something more profound
If I could make echoes resound
Throughout boundless time
Without resorting to cheap rhyme

If I could create a cacophony
Of chaotic cries
Making rites of iterations
Instead of groaning
in frustration
Sputtering stuttered
Every time a thought
Flits through my mind

Morphology or psychology
It all turns into tautology
In this tainted ecology
Conjuring ontologies
To make sense
of this dull voice’s demise

it’s just an airport

We walk worldly
Our steps echoing on polished floors
The hour is early busy
Clouded eyes lifting
Coldly neutral as the airport we’re in

You are at ease
I am frazzled
The ads talk to you
They silence me
You are begged to invest
While I am divested of worth

We walk and talk
Too soon of the state of the world
Old angers rise to meet old excuses
I linger bit behind you
Lest I be thought complicit
by association

In the building
of walls and corridors
to preserve men
and their treasures
From the hunger and horror
through which they travel
well creased and unscathed

scrawling on

Had I more time
then I’d dare
take a little longer
Had I more faith
then I’d hold
on a little stronger
But time gives and takes
and the stakes
aren’t the same
on each side of the divide
You can still hide
behind time
that only reveals me
and the lines it leaves
to be drawn
So I waste it
scrawling on this wall
between us instead

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